Vegan Chef & Mixologist

Henry Hampshire is a professionally trained vegan chef who has worked as head chef in a London restaurant providing excellent food for large amounts of people.

Henry also hosted his own vegan supper clubs and caters for many large events as well as creating his own street food company.


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Who is Henry Hampshire?



Henry Hampshire

Chef Henry Hampshire is a vegan chef and entrepreneur who has been the manager and head chef in a London restaurant as well as hosting sell-out vegan supper clubs and having his own street food company.


Henry Hampshire started his career when he was 16 and worked in a bakery whilst studying for his a-levels before he then became a chef in Londons first vegan pasta restaurant. Within 3 months as a commis chef, Henry had worked his way up the ranks to sous chef before becoming Head Chef at the age of 18.


Henry was studying under Chef Day Radley who is the founder of The Vegan Chef School of Excellence as well as being an international chef who has been an executive chef in many restaurants across 3 continents.


With Henry's extra training he became Restaurant Manager of Raveoli - Londons first Vegan Pasta Restaurant within 9 months of working there and still being just 18.


At this point, Henry wanted to move on and create his own venture. Since then Chef Hampshire has hosted many vegan supper club events as well as catering weddings, parties and many more events.

Henry has also released his own product, The Chef Hampshire Vegan Cheese Kit during the pandemic.


Henry started his own vegan street food company in June 2021 selling gourmet vegan pasta boxes in markets across Surrey, London and surrounding areas.
Now you can find Chef Henry Hampshire selling amazing, vegan Italian street food out of The Pasta Garden street food trailer in many vegan markets.





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